1. 1Welcome to ACS 2022

      Preview 2022

    2. 2Table of Contents
    3. 3It's show time

      Optimizing Synergies

    4. 4Welcome

      New features at the American Coatings Show and Conference

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  1. Service

    1. 5Hygiene and Safety

      Updated information on COVID-19-related hygiene and safety measures

    2. 6Indianapolis

      Get Acquainted with Indy

    3. 7Finding Your Way Around

      Getting to Indy and where to stay

  2. Content

    1. 8Trends and Novelties for ACS 2022

      Interviews with exhibitors

    2. 9Reconnecting in Person

      Recurring exhibitors at the importance of the ACS and their focus at the show

    3. 10Architectural Coatings

      Interview with Ingrid K. Meier, Evonik

    4. 11Industrial Coatings

      Interview with Erin Vogel, Dow

    5. 12Conference

      Keynote and Facts

    6. 13Additives

      Interview with Nina Musche, Shamrock

    7. 14Polyurethanes

      Interview with Thomas Baur, Alberdingk Boley

    8. 15Protective Coatings

      Interview with Kurt Wood, Arkema

    9. 16All the Info You Need

      Website, app, social media, registration, and contacts

    10. 17Functional Coatings

      Interview with Jamil Baghdachi, Eastern Michigan University

    11. 18Pigments

      Interview with Michael Venturini, Sun Chemical

    12. 19Powder Coatings

      Interview with Robert Watson, Allnex

    13. 20In Motion

      Join the fun at the 2022 ACS Fun Run

    14. 21For Experts and Novices

      Plenty of new books for the coatings industry available

    15. 22Sustainable Coatings

      Interview with Martin Vlak, Covestro

    16. 23Automation

      Interview with Anders L. Østergård, Fluidan

    17. 24Bio-based Coatings

      Interview with Nathan Noyes, Croda

    18. 25Wood Coatings

      Interview with Steffen Romanski, BYK

    19. 26Preservation

      Interview with Nicolas Gallacier, Lanxess