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Plenty of new books for the coatings industry available

Whether you have been in the coatings industry for long or you are just starting your career, books are a great means to deepen your knowledge. The American Coatings Bookshop provides an extensive range of titles covering a variety of topics for the paints and coatings industry. Here you’ll find a small selection, but more books are available in our online shop at

Resins for Water-borne Coatings
By Jaap Akkerman

Expand your knowledge and get fully acquainted with the various aspects of waterborne coatings — from production, to properties, to special features of their use! With the slow change from solvent-borne resins and coatings to waterborne coatings Resins for Water-borne Coatings is a must-read for any formulator wanting to expand their knowledge. The authors discuss important aspects of the "solvent-to-water-transition" of the past 40 to 50 years, take a deep dive into the key aspects and theories behind the production, properties and applications of these resins, and provide an overview of how they are currently used in waterborne coatings.

Paint Analysis, 2nd Revised Edition
By Roger Dietrich

Surface coatings are supposed to protect and decorate, but where do coating defects, such as wetting or adhesion problems, come from? Paint Analysis, 2nd Revised Edition illustrates the path of clarification from the detection of a defect, to the identification of its cause, and enables the reader to develop solution strategies. In addition to numerous case studies, the author presents routine applications of service laboratories and adapted process developments. This is a textbook for application technicians and students who want to learn more about the background of the methods and their performance limits, and also provides experienced laboratory managers with ideas for new ways of analysis!

By Hans-Ulrich Meier-Westhues

The chemistry of polyurethane coatings is significant to many applications worldwide. Moreover, the development potential for these coatings has yet to be exhausted by any means. New applications are being identified and the product range will be further expanded. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the chemistry and the various possible application fields of polyurethanes. Newcomers learn the key concepts of polyurethane chemistry and the main application technologies, while experienced specialists will value the insights on current trends and developments.

Wood Coatings
By Jorge Prieto and Jürgen Kiene

Solidify your knowledge base of industrial wood coatings! This standard work from Jorge Prieto and Jürgen Kiene focuses on interior and exterior coatings for wood and wood-based materials. It compares classic solvent-borne wood coatings with modern UV-curing systems and waterborne coating systems. Moreover, guide formulations and actual procedures for coatings are featured in detail. Simply put, this book provides a comprehensive overview, with practical solutions and support for everyone who deals with industrial wood coatings.

The Rheology Handbook, 5th Edition
By Thomas Mezger

In its 5th edition, this standard work describes the principles of rheology clearly, vividly and in practical terms. The handbook includes the rheology of additives in waterborne dispersions and surfactant systems. Not only it is a great reference book, it can also serve as a guide for studying the theory behind the methods. The practical use of rheology is presented in the areas of quality control, production and application, chemical and mechanical engineering, materials science, and industrial research and development. After reading this book, the reader should be able to perform tests with rotational and oscillatory rheometers and interpret the results correctly.