1. 1Intro to ACS 2024

      Preview 2024

    2. 2Table of Contents
    3. 3An Unparalleled Platform

      The American Coatings Show and Conference 2024

    4. 4Welcome

      Andy Doyle, President and CEO of the American Coatings Association

    5. 5American Coatings Conference

      Prepare for an immersive coatings experience

  1. Content

    1. 6Conference Keynote

      Robert Roop, Axalta Coating Systems

    2. 7Digitalization

      Interview with Dan Wu, Dow Coating Materials

    3. 8Highlights

      Interview with Cheryl Matthews, American Coatings Association

    4. 9Functional Coatings

      Interview with Rigoberto Advincula, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    5. 10For Experts and Novices

      Plenty of new books for the coatings industry available

    6. 11Bio-based Raw Materials

      Interview with Jim Reader, Evonik Coating Additives

    7. 12Trends and innovations at the ACS 2024

      Interviews with exhibitors

    8. 13Legislative Outlook for 2024

      Interview with Heidi McAuliffe, American Coatings Association

    9. 14Circular economy

      Editorial by Brett Rodgers, PaintCare

    10. 15Career Center

      Matching employers and job seekers

    11. 16Low energy consumption in high demand

      Interview with Alisha Bellezza, PPG

    12. 17U.S. Coatings Market

      Facts and figures

    13. 18Microbial Control

      Interview with Ingo Krull, Arxada

    14. 19Waterborne Coatings

      Interview with Artur Palasz, Spektrochem

    15. 20ACS Fun Run

      Join the fun at the 2024 ACS Fun Run

    16. 25Publication Imprint
  2. Service

    1. 21Navigating Your Visit

      Handy helpers for the show and conference

    2. 22Registration and fees

      Info and details

    3. 23Finding Your Way Around

      Getting to Indy and where to stay

    4. 24Indianapolis

      Get acquainted with Indy